Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Importance of Drinking Water

I speak from personal experience

I used to hate drinking water. I would avoid it at all costs because there was always a much more fizzier, colorful and tastier option to go for.
Its difficult to admit, but I would go for months without drinking water.

I would never have suspected that, by doing this I was ruining my body.

I won't bore you with the details of my horrific experience at the dentist a few months later, but the bottom line is I had to have more fillings in my teeth than you could count on your fingers.

That, my dear friends, is not good.

I also noticed my hair was getting thinner. Having naturally thick and curly hair all my life I knew I was "losing" a lot more hair in the shower and when brushing my hair than usual.
My skin was worse than ever. I had serious break-outs  all over my face and dry patches had developed on my forehead and jaw.
My lips were dry and chapped and my throat was always raw. 

I had never suspected that this was all because of the lack of water I was causing myself. I went to the doctor, worried that I had some horrific disease, when in fact, I was dehydrated.

All those sugary, fatty, evil heavenly-tasting drinks were taking away my health and not even providing proper hydration.

Needless to say, I started drinking 10 glasses of water a day. I avoided fizzy drinks and even juice at all costs.

I have been maintaining this habit of drinking at least 8 glasses a day for the passed few months, and luckily my teeth, lips, skin and hair aren't mad at me anymore.

So, ladies, what's the moral of the story?

Drink, drink, drink!

 Do You Feel Like You Need to Drink More Water?
  •  Don't deprive yourself of juice, coffee, tea or anything that isn't water. Everything happens in moderation. You don't need to live your life without flavored liquids.
  • In the beginning, try aim for at least 5 glasses of water a day. You need to get your body used to this drastic intake of pure, healthy, clean fluid. 
  • Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go. School, gym, shopping, and to a friends house all count. This will encourage you to take a sip every now and then. 
  • Keep another bottle refrigerated, ready for you to drink when you get home from your daily activites. 
You will see the difference this makes in your body within a month or two. Not only will you feel better but you will also look better and healthier. Isn't that one of the things we we want in life?

Water also helps
  • Your body cleans itself of impurities and extra fat. Drinking a lot of water will act as a flushing system. You'll also find your bowels will move more regularly, making you feel less bloated. 
  • If you play a lot of sport, water can actually help increase your performance. 
  • It has no extra processed ingredients, you can drink as much of it as you won't and you will NEVER gain major weight from it. 
  In conclusion, water is a girl's best friend. Use it, love it, appreciate it.


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